Proper Installation from the start

“Dealing with the unconventional.”

That’s what Reliance™ Builder Project Manager Gladimir Pacheco says is what he enjoys most about his work. Gladimir has more than 17 years’ experience with mechanical projects, especially water heating and HVAC, including design, build, commissioning and service, and works every day to provide industry-leading technical and field support to home builders and developers across Canada.

It’s a good thing Gladimir relishes the unconventional because he’s seen a lot of it – both good and not so good.

For instance, he says, there was that time electricians didn’t follow the right wiring procedure during a condo construction causing air conditioning units throughout the building to malfunction and freeze up.

“I was called in to troubleshoot and discovered the control wiring wasn’t done properly, preventing units from shutting down,” he says. “I brought in a contractor who went through each apartment – there were 67 of them! – to fix the wiring.”

At another site, Reliance made repeated service calls to a home where a tankless water heater wasn’t venting properly. Gladimir was called in and confirmed that the two-inch venting wasn’t correctly sloped – that was causing the pipe to hold water and cause the unit to shut down on cold days.

“The only way to correct the issue was to open up the ceiling and fix the slope. I reached out to the builder and we got the job done in no time.”

Gladimir says the key to avoiding these kinds of problems is proper installation from the start – including:

  • Following what’s in the manufacturer’s installation manual and within specifications
  • Making sure equipment is laid out properly in the mechanical room
  • Using proper venting and avoiding undersizing
  • Calling on a Reliance expert like Gladimir to schedule a site visit and do a mockup to spot any issues and avoid surprises later on

“It may take a little more time, but it can save a lot of time and money for builders and homeowners over the long run.”

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