Sensei™ – Easy Installation, Top Performance And Energy Savings

Thanks in large part to their space saving compact size, their energy efficiency and easy installation, tankless water heaters continue to gain in popularity with both users and installers.

That’s especially true of the new Rinnai® SENSEI™ Tankless Water Heater. With its enhanced combustion design, it provides a better experience for both installers and homeowners.

The most flexible venting in the industry, the Rinnai SENSEI not only works with twin pipe and room air configurations but can use smaller, lighter, less expensive concentric venting than previous generations of water heaters – offering 14 possible vent configurations and 9 compatible vent manufacturers.

In fact, with concentric venting – in either 3-inch or new 2-inch options – the unit only requires a single penetration through the wall, reducing install time and costs, as well as easy assembly and adjustment.

With an adjustable mounting plate, its versatile design lets you handle variable installations due to varying stud alignment. And an inexpensive conversion kit only needs three simple steps for quick and easy gas conversion.

Finally, because it’s a Rinnai product, you can count on every product undergoing live testing before it ships. Rinnai is also one of the few tankless water heater manufacturers with its own state-of-the-art Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certified Testing Laboratory, including CSA accredited lab technicians.

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